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It's Funny Sometimes...

So, for anyone who reads this just to play catchup: Every Year, UNO shoots a spring film with a student crew and Faculty always directs, writes, etc. Well, this semester they decided to have an all student team in which a contest is held from screenwriting class for the best script and then that script is then directed by three different student directors. Each team shoots on a different format and has a budget and crew. The best film is shown in the UNO Media Showcase and is sent to a few film festivals. (here and in Canada too I think.) Well, somehow, based on my experience and course study, they are giving me one of these directing positions. (Which scared me shitless at first.) Also, I am the only Undergrad Director. So, I'm having a meeting at this bar (our potential principle location) with my Art Director and we're sitting outside discussing, when this girl walks past. She is trashed to say the least. She stops and turns around, looks at us and says, "Do youz guys mind ifff I sit here forrr a bit. Cuz if I try to walk home I'munna fall flat on my face." Now, I have a very low tolerance for drunk strangers, so I'm kinda like "Uuuh..." and Clayton immediately is like, "Yeah, go right ahead." So, she sits and asks us if we come here often you know, basic small talk. We say no, you know, we're just here kind of talking about what we can do with this bar 'cause we're shooting this film and we might shoot here. Her eyes light up and she gets all excited 'cause everyone loves the movies in this town, especially since the boom in the past few years. So, she starts telling us what a great bar this is and how cool it would be if we shot a movie and that there are great bands there all the time and the people are cool. So, you know we tell her that we don't really want a whole lotta people 'cause we would bring our own extras and stuff. So, we keep talking and she starts telling us that she works for this record company in town that handles Big Chief and Rebirth Brass Band and alotta other big name local acts. We just so happen to be looking for a trumpet player for one of the small parts and the whole movie revolves around music basically. She says she can get us all these musicians who love doing stuff like that and for free. She is great friends with the owners of the bar that we haven't secured yet. Which is good, 'cause we only have like two thousand to spend period. Soooo, I just found it really cool that this person, who I normally would have shunned based on her physical state decided to come basically fall into our laps like that. Also, if I had been sitting there with my Cinematographer (Who had just left) instead of Clayton, he would have told her to "Piss off. We're troyin' to wek heeah." (He's Australian.) Very serendipitous, if you will. Trying not to get too excited so as to get lazy, but it's just kinda funny how things work out some times you know?
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that's awesome. let us know what goes down with that
yea that remind me of waiting for some show at jeenyslow's house and the drunks fraterness walks in and starts running her drunk mouth about stupid shit all the while flashing her slutty thong and then she goes to leave and walks into the closet and spends a good two or three seconds in there befroe she realizes that that it was not an exit. luckily for you it didnt turn out that bad. good luck being indepted to an annoying fraterness though.

also, should you really be suprised that you got the director gig? i mean let me get this right, you are a part time, overaged, undergraduate student who has taken only the classes he wants to take all the while becoming the go-to guy for the department, you got genius stamped across your forehead man. i just love being able to sit back and listen (a little too infrequently) while it all takes shape. just remeber, when you get the milliondollar budgets you got a friend who aint afraid to show his ass (literally) for a few laughs :)