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Damn! I'm surprised I remembered the password...

or rather how may E's are in Creeeeeeee_us.

Anyways, it has been almost two years since I've posted anything to livejournal and, quite frankly, I'd forgotten all about it until P advised it for communicating the following news:

WATERMARKS, the 2006 Spring Film we did on Katrina, will be screening on Sunday, April 15 at 4:30pm in Baton Rouge at the LSU Outhouse Film Festival. Some of you guys may remember this fest from the "Mr. Universe" debut screening back in 2001. At 5:30pm there will be an awards ceremony, so stick around because the film has received nods for The Golden Outhouse, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Editing.

A full schedule of events is available on the Outhouse Myspace page ( This screening is free and on the big fancy screen in the Bo Campbell Auditorium (in the Cox Communications Building) on the LSU campus - so please invite your friends and most of all bring yourself. I rarely get to come home anymore and I'd like to see some familiar faces.

This film is comprised of three shorts taking place in the aftermath of Katrina. I was Camera Operator on one of the films and I was the Sound Designer for the whole piece.

Also, some time in May after finals, we'll be having a screening of this year's Spring Film for which I will be Director of Photography for the first time. I'll kepp you posted. We're shooting this weekend so pray that I don't fuck up!

Thanks guys. I hope everyone can make it to the Outhouse.
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