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creeeeeeeeee_us's Journal

16 March
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I'm pretty cool I guess. My Interests include:

Birkenstocks (and whether or not Jesus wore them), Cajun Injectors, Label Makers, Play-Doh, Marks-A-Lots, Honey Buns, Remote Controls, sticker cutouts left over after you use all the stickers, Empty CD Cases, Dobie Pads, Broken Record Players, Hollowed Out Bibles, Spare Keys, Socks without Matches (that don't even fit your foot), Beta Max, Volume Knobs, Telequariums, Lithium-Ion, "Try Again" Bottle Caps, Who really DID Fart, If there's a point to saying "What's Up?" if the answer is always "...N'un", Exploring for the next "New World", Searching for the "Fifteen Sack", Giving people advice when I can't even get my own life together, Buying slices of cheese at McDonald's, Unbuttoning T-shirts, Washing my hands just because someone else is in the bathroom, Grown Men who still say "Titties", People who refuse to believe you see more with Widescreen, People who say "Nucular" and "Aksk", If animals can be retarded or have down syndrome or tourettes (I think it would explain alot), Small Talk, What the world would be like if Adam ate from the tree first, Why God was so bored with Heaven that he created us and why I should sacrifice having an interesting life to go there, If Twinkies would survive a nuclear fallout, What happens when we're not around that gets the cords behind the TV so tangled, Seemingly Useless Inquiries, and Spelunking. (Others listed below)