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Show in the N.O.

For anyone who's interested the Album Leaf will be performing at TwiRoPa on 3-19. I know you would like them. If you haven't heard them, check out amazon and look at "one day i'll be on time". They opened for Sigur Ros and I've seen them a few time since then. Very chill. 11 bucks. They're the opening band, which is good since TwiRoPa sucks at starting on time and I have to shoot that film early the next morning and won't be able to stay out late. When we get a shooting schedule, I'll be able to know if I can go. If I can go we should go, cuz it'll be cool. We should be done shooting by 10 I think. Anyways, keep that in mind. Advance tickets are not necessary, so even if you decide to get crazy that day, it's cool.
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